The newest CD PAIAN (2015) presents mostly spiritual music where choral and overtone singing are interconnecting. We strongly believe that it will inspire choral music composers as well.The name “Paian” has its roots in Ancient Greek and means ceremonial chant, originally dedicated to the god Apollo. Overtone Choir Spektrum is wishing you divine experience.

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CD Villarosa is a travelogue about where we were in autumn 2009. It is a cross-section of our repertoire and you will find here pieces created specifically for overtone choir, for choir with additional overtone solos, and also for traditional choir, where we incorporate overtones to enrich the sound. Besides these tracks, you can also listen to several purely 'regular' vocal style compositions.

Zpravy z cesty

CD Zpráva z cesty (Message from the Journey), recorded in autumn 2005, contains 19 compositions, overtone and originally none-overtone ones and also purely choral ones. The CD was recorded in the church of St. Kateřina in Sloup v Čechách.

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